Cops respond to South Slope attacks by telling women to not wear short skirts

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So apparently, after many assaults against women in south park slope, cops have been walking around, “heavily patrolling” meaning, telling women their shorts or skirts are too short and they are asking to be attacked. WTF. We may not be wild for Slutwalk, but this needs a slut walk!!  SOUTH SLOPE SLUT STORM.



BBC UK: “riot girls ‘brag’ about violence” : “Showing the police and the rich we can do what we want

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‘ Two girls who took part in Monday night’s riots in Croydon have boasted that they were showing police and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”.

The pair who were drinking wine looted from a local shop at 09:30 BST on Tuesday morning, spoke to the BBC’s Leana Hosea.”

Quick Nothing Transcript

Everyone was just goin riot like madness
Chucking things, chucking bottles, breaking into stuff…
It was madness!
It was good though, good fun
Of course it is!
So… you’re drinking a bottle of rose wine
at half nine in the mornin!
yea, free alcohol!
And you been drinkin all night?
Is it the government’s fault?
I dunno…
Yea, whatever it is i dunno…
Its not even a riot, its about showing the police we can do what we want,
Yea, its about showing the police we can do what we want, and now we have.
So do you reckon it will go on tonight?
Hopefully, hopefully.
But its like local people, why is it targeting local people? Your own people?
Its the RICH people.
Its the rich people who got businesses, thats why all this is happening, cuz of the rich people, so we’re just showing the rich people that we can do what we want.

Tottenham UK: eyewitness reports emerge that trouble erupted after a 16-year-old girl threw a rock at police.

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nice photo collection here “Did rock-throwing teenage girl’s ‘beating’ by police spark London riots? Pictures that show how Tottenham turned into a war zone”

A nothing fave: burning double decker bus.

Groundbreaking Canadian case sets a complicated precedent for AIDS-based murder convictions

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Johnson Aziga is the first person in Canada to be convicted of murder via HIV transmission after having infected several women with with the virus through unprotected sex, two of which have since died from AIDS-related cancers. Aziga argues that he was convicted by a racist jury (they were all white, as were a number of his victims), and that there is insufficient evidence to prove that he was the source of the infection in his victims. However, the highly-educated former public servant also admitted to  knowingly engaging in unprotected sex with 11 different women in the 8 years since his diagnosis and to having witheld his condition when asked directly by some of the women. From an article in the Vancouver Sun:

He has given a number of reasons for why he didn’t tell the women about his HIV status, including that he was afraid of losing companionship, he was not counselled properly on how to do so by public health officials and that his ex-wife made him a “monster” and “morally dead.” Aziga also blames his culture for not making it easy to divulge personal information.

While the racist stereotyping around HIV is completely fucked up, and the limits of HIV counseling and education in North America are real, Aziga’s behavior during the trial is still extremely disturbing and overrules these excuses as in any way justifying his actions:

 During the cross-examination, she asked him if he was ready to let the victims move on by resigning to serve his life sentence for the murders or if he was still preparing to appeal the convictions.

“Why should I?” retorted Aziga. “I cannot definitely tell you that I’m abandoning my appeal.”

On Wednesday, Aziga personally apologized to the women for the first time in a two-page statement he read aloud in court. Most of the statement was about his own suffering.

On Thursday, he admitted that he’d be willing to engage in unprotected sex if he is released from prison if the woman told him she was a “risk taker.”

Since his conviction, debate has continued over whether to label Aziga as a ‘dangerous offender,’ which would result in his being ineligible for parole. In addition to the above testimony, the prosecution is citing Aziga’s “abnormally high libido” in arguing the likelihood of recidivism, further underscoring the  racist and patriarchal tenor of the whole affair.

Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, and Hanes Have a Rape Problem

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Walmart’s been all over the news this week, in response to the Supreme Court decision that its female employees cannot bring a class action lawsuit against sex discrimination. But as disturbing as Walmart’s record is on discriminating against women working in their stores, there’s another area for major concern that has received little media attention. I’m talking about factories that produces clothes for Walmart stores, where women are controlled through debt bondage and regularly raped.

Walmart’s not the only well-known brand putting tainted clothes from Classic Fashion factories in its stores (although it is the biggest buyer) — Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, and Hanes all source from the same abusive Jordan factories. An Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights report chronicles a tale of 13 to 18.5 hour workdays, 6 to 7 days a week, for minimal pay and poor living quarters. Thousands of female workers, most immigrants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or India, face the threat of deportation if they lose or leave their jobs…

General manager Anil Santha is well known for forcing women to come to his hotel each week, where he rapes them. If they refuse or speak out, he gets them deported. One 21-year-old worker, “Latha,” was raped five or six times by Santha, who she describes as old enough to be her father: “I was in a deeply helpless position because he is such a high-ranking figure in the factory I couldn’t disobey him… I feel so exposed and shameful sharing what he did to me… the things that happened to me. And it wasn’t only me, there were three or four other girls there too. He did this to us in the presence of one another… What is tragic is that more and more girls arrive at the factory fresh and will continue to fall prey to this monster.”

After a massive strike last October, Santha was temporarily removed, but returned to his position within the month.

Charles Kernaghan, the report author, writes in the preface: “We were stunned at how these young Sri Lankan women had been raped and tortured, while sewing clothing for the largest retailer on the face of the earth, Wal-Mart, and for Hanes, the most popular label in the United States.” Walmart claims it inspects factories, but women reported that they always informed the managers beforehand, allowing them to select a few workers to lie about conditions. In their interviews, the women begged, again and again, for somebody to help them.

The supreme court formally refutes the existence of patriarchy: wallmart class-action lawsuit thrown out.

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Yall probably heard about the group of women wal-mart workers filing a class-action discrimination lawsuit. well, it was thrown out by the supreme court.

What is interesting is that it refuses to acknowledge that these thousands of allegations of discrimination on the basis of being women are bound together by anything (e.g. The Patriarchy).

Just to be clear, this decision wasn’t about whether or not walmart was guilty of discrimination, but about whether or not the suit could go forward as a class action lawsuit, i.e., if these women could act as a class. 

By a 5-4 vote along ideological lines, the court said there were too many women in too many jobs at Wal-Mart to wrap into one lawsuit.

“Respondents wish to sue for millions of employment decisions at once,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the lead opinion for the court in the five votes to four decision supporting the giant retailer. Without some glue holding together the alleged reasons for those decisions, it will be impossible to say that examination of all the class members’ claims will produce a common answer to the crucial discrimination question.”
what a depressing extension of wal-mart’s success in keeping its
workers disorganized. fuck it, of capital’s success in keeping women
disorganized. not surprising that women are the ideal proles for the
ideal capitalist firm (sez forbes). i know this episode should just
get filed under “litigation doesn’t work” but it’s so sad that they’ve
been trying to unionize unsuccessfully for so long that they were
pushed into this legal bullshit, and now pffffffffft

woman walks through market holding severed head of man who tried to rape her

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…Covered in blood, she held the head high like a trophy, said police – her way of showing that she had delivered her own kind of justice to her attacker…

According to police officer Ram Bharose, the unnamed 35-year-old woman had sliced off the man’s head with a sickle she had been using to cut grass near her village.

‘She was getting grass for her cattle when the man came up from behind her and tried to sexually assault her,’ said Mr Bharose.

‘In a bid to save her dignity, she turned on him and during a struggle managed to chop off his head with the sickle.

‘We have no doubts about her story because she had bite marks on her neck and cheek when the man tried to take advantage of her sexually.’

So determined was the woman to show that she had beaten off her attacker, who she claimed had been stalking her for three months, that she decided to take his head immediately to the local market.

‘She put the head on parade,’ said Mr Bharose. ‘She walked right through all the crowds who were buying their vegetables, holding the head up high.

‘All her clothes were covered in blood, but as far as she was concerned that didn’t matter. She just wanted to make a point and she definitely succeeded in doing that.

‘Everybody scattered. It was a very terrifying sight.’ Mr Bharose said the woman had no regrets about her actions.

‘We have to follow the letter of the law and although she says she acted in self defence she will probably be charged with culpable homicide,’ said the police officer.

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