Wisconsin Budget Battle Targets Women and People of Color

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We had been ruminating about this (click)…

The rhetoric being used by the governor and his supporters to discredit public workers is eerily similar to the campaign used against single mothers during the welfare debates of the 1990s. At that time, the right-wing mobilized public anger by pushing a manufactured image of an inner-city woman of color who gave birth for welfare checks and lived an undeserved life of comfort…

Most importantly, in both battles, women and people of color ultimately are the biggest losers, disproportionately affected by the budget cutting mania because they are more often employed in the public sector. Nationally, the public sector is the number one employer for African-American men and the number two employer for African-American women. Also on average nationally, women at the state and local levels make-up 52 percent and 61 percent respectively of public sector employees.

In Wisconsin Walker has specifically exempted the male-dominated firefighter and police unions, aiming his attack at predominantly female unions like the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the American Federation of Teachers. In addition, women, especially women of color, continue to earn less than men for the same work. Slashing salaries and benefit in sectors where women are concentrated has a profound effect on their economic power, particularly at a time when budget cuts threaten funding for women and family health programs such as Title V in Wisconsin and Title X nationally as well as state insurance programs for women and children.

The article ends on the following note… apparently this is supposed to be good, but we’re not sure…:

“The consequences are going to be gendered and raced, but the movement itself is not fractioning along those lines,” Collins says. “Right now the message is ‘this hurts us all.’”

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Egypt’s Military and Wiscansin’s Gov: reminding us that the historical material conditions of capitalism don’t require a conspiracy…

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Egypt’s military effectively bans strikes,  (See reuter’s article HERE) Wisconsin’s tryna make em illegal (see cheesy video HERE, note sign at 0:18 which reads “BIEBER SAYS: HELL NO!”).

But isn’t that wacky? Was telling workers “don’t strike!”  usually a central tactic of capital to destroy working class power? we didn’t think so… when was it, when wasn’t it? and it doens’t seem to really matter whether or not they are “allowed” (see: Egypt’s largest Factory strikes despite warnings)…

What does it mean to use legal action against strikes and worker uprisings? what does it mean that the biggest threat is to render worker organizing illegal ? Because it is irrelevant whether something is legal if there are enough people doing it… ? Does this mean that the state is assuming workers are not strong enough? Is there a gap in reality? soooo not sure…

Ok, and whats up with the gender question here? Its a lot of reproductive workers, teachers espesh, in wisconsin. The textile factory in egypt that struck back in 2007 just went on strike again, in which there were mad amounts of women. More on this issue momentarily…

education insurgence and lack thereof Wisconsin/NY

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wisconsin, cuny, public schools…holy shit stuff is heating up.  What will happen in NYC?  the NP’s and patronage politics seem to be holding back students and workers…in wisconsin, public sector unions (including prison guards) are supporting the walkouts and sick-outs…not so here.  UFT blows goats, PSC too.  So what of education strikes? There is a caucus in UFT that is more militant, and are trying to reform union internally. but they say (?) they’ve had trouble independently mobilizing school teachers.  they are instead trying to reform union and get them to call strikes; they say they do not have enough people at this point to carry out an independent job action.  meanwhile, some of the np left youth groups explicitly won’t work with teachers.  (neither will UFT, for the record).  this is all based in long history of fucked up race politics among UFT etc….

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