DANG: “Texas wants undocumented workers but only for household chores”

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Since we’re on the topic of women’s labor, domestic work, and migration patterns, check this article on feministing.

“A proposed immigration bill in the Texas state House is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows. The bill would make hiring an “unauthorized alien” a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, unless that is, they are hired to do household chores.”

Of course, this doesn’t also offer any labor/immigration protections for domestic workers. It’s just creating another weird exploitative grey area in a state that has a whole frightening maquiladora industry anyway.

Interesting to think through this in regards to Domestic Workers United (see website) here in NYC – the bill they got passed last year protecting domestic workers doesn’t cover undocumented domestic workers (in fact this was a huge concession necessary to make the bill pass), and also doesn’t cover people who get paid in cash/”under the table,” which often overlaps with undocumented workers but not always.


education insurgence and lack thereof Wisconsin/NY

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wisconsin, cuny, public schools…holy shit stuff is heating up.  What will happen in NYC?  the NP’s and patronage politics seem to be holding back students and workers…in wisconsin, public sector unions (including prison guards) are supporting the walkouts and sick-outs…not so here.  UFT blows goats, PSC too.  So what of education strikes? There is a caucus in UFT that is more militant, and are trying to reform union internally. but they say (?) they’ve had trouble independently mobilizing school teachers.  they are instead trying to reform union and get them to call strikes; they say they do not have enough people at this point to carry out an independent job action.  meanwhile, some of the np left youth groups explicitly won’t work with teachers.  (neither will UFT, for the record).  this is all based in long history of fucked up race politics among UFT etc….

.. thots from june c


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