ROUNDUP: Chile student riots; solidarity sabotage in the Bronx; Nigerian militant resistance; riot and repression in China; UK police station firebombed

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the signalfire is ablaze…



Violence erupted on the streets of Chile’s capital and other cities as tens of thousands of students staged another protest demanding changes in public education.

Masked demonstrators burned cars and barricades, looted shops and threw furniture at police in Santiago on Tuesday. Some attacked an apartment building, throwing rocks and breaking windows. Riot police used tear gas and tanks with water cannons to push them back.

As in previous demonstrations, protesters danced, sang, wore costumes and waved signs. But then groups of masked protesters split off and tried to break through police barricades blocking the way to the presidential palace.


As 45,000 Verizon (NYSE: VZ) employees remain on strike, the company reported that it has seen at least 12 acts of sabotage to communications facilities in four states. Some of the damage to its network has resulted in outages for its FiOS TV, Internet and phone services.

Verizon said it has seen 10 incidents of fiber-optic lines being cut in the Bronx, Pomona, Farmingdale and Guilderland in New York, in addition to incidents in Tewksbury, Mass., Bel Air, Md., and East Dover, Oakland, and Plainfield, N.J. The company blamed one outage on electronic equipment that was stolen from a Cedar Grove, N.J. facility, and it said the heating system at its central office in Manhattan was tampered with.


NO fewer than 20 youths were Tuesday arrested by  Ondo State Police flowing a violent protest over power outages in  Oke Aro area of Akure, the State capital.

As early as 6am some miscreants said to be protesting lack of power supply in the area of  barricaded major streets and allegedly manhandled innocent people and vandalized several vehicles.

The protesters were said to have also stormed the office of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, in Oke Aro, during the protest that lasted for over four hours.

Road users were held hostage for hours as the miscreants barricaded the roads and threatened to set vehicles and other government property ablaze.


About ten thousand people in China’s Hunan province took to the streets on Aug. 4 to protest the construction of a toxic waste incinerator near their town’s water supply. Several protesters were beaten bloody by police, while irate villagers beat up the vice mayor.


A police station in Nottingham was firebombed on Tuesday night as violence also hit Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol and Leeds.

Canning Circus police station in Nottingham was attacked by a gang of 30 to 40 men but no injuries were reported, according to Nottinghamshire police. The force said at least eight people were arrested in connection with the attack.

Around the same time, a number of cars were firebombed at a car lot in Carlton Road in the city.

The violence followed the arrest of 10 youths earlier in the evening after a small group of people got on to the roof of one of the buildings at Nottingham High School. In another incident two men, aged 17 and 18, were arrested after rocks were thrown at Bulwell Police Station in the city.


BBC UK: “riot girls ‘brag’ about violence” : “Showing the police and the rich we can do what we want

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‘ Two girls who took part in Monday night’s riots in Croydon have boasted that they were showing police and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”.

The pair who were drinking wine looted from a local shop at 09:30 BST on Tuesday morning, spoke to the BBC’s Leana Hosea.”

Quick Nothing Transcript

Everyone was just goin riot like madness
Chucking things, chucking bottles, breaking into stuff…
It was madness!
It was good though, good fun
Of course it is!
So… you’re drinking a bottle of rose wine
at half nine in the mornin!
yea, free alcohol!
And you been drinkin all night?
Is it the government’s fault?
I dunno…
Yea, whatever it is i dunno…
Its not even a riot, its about showing the police we can do what we want,
Yea, its about showing the police we can do what we want, and now we have.
So do you reckon it will go on tonight?
Hopefully, hopefully.
But its like local people, why is it targeting local people? Your own people?
Its the RICH people.
Its the rich people who got businesses, thats why all this is happening, cuz of the rich people, so we’re just showing the rich people that we can do what we want.

Tottenham UK: eyewitness reports emerge that trouble erupted after a 16-year-old girl threw a rock at police.

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nice photo collection here “Did rock-throwing teenage girl’s ‘beating’ by police spark London riots? Pictures that show how Tottenham turned into a war zone”

A nothing fave: burning double decker bus.

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