There is a m*$&&#$%*#$ serial killer in long island killing sex workers

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society protects you if you kill the killable. this is what  makes them killable.

When a sister of Maureen Brainard-Barnes alerted police after she disappeared in 2007, she was told, “Your sister ran away and doesn’t care about anyone.” Maueen’s was one of the four bodies found in the bushes of Long Island’s Ocean Parkway. All four women had been working as prostitutes.

Cases involving prostitution can be among the most difficult to solve. Even when a case does get going—and there are significant obstacles to that happening—they often turn cold. The victims frequently use false names (Costello advertised herself as “Carolina”) and are survived by witnesses who themselves often live on the margins of society. N.G. Berrill, a forensic neuropsychologist who has studied Joel Rifkin—a serial killer who along with Robert Shulman killed more than 20 prostitutes in the same area during the early 1990s—says, “People disappear, and folks don’t know the difference.”

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Sex Work Is Work; If a Sex worker is not safe, no woman is safe

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tantalizing phrases from sex work demo in South Africa

Sex work is work, but is it just work? This is a question that has been troubling the nothing. Is it in anyway different than other work? Not because it’s “not productive”, not because it’s illegal, not because its exploitative, or wrong. But if women were the first commodities; the first slaves; if “reproductive labor” is the first exploitative labor; if 9 months = 1baby is the first general equivalent, then is there anything different about reproductive labor?

Maybe not — now that all kinds of activity are subsumed, does the history of the emergence of work-as-labor imply anything about the current status of these labors? JURY IS OUT.

“if a sex worker is not safe, no woman is safe”

Sex workers are obviously not all women, HOWEVER, there is an implied, inherent connection between those-who-do-sex work, and woman-as-class. Nature of this connection, must be better understood.

Italy: Women Protest Prime Minister Berlusconi

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Hundreds of thousands of Italians mobilised by women campaigners gathered in piazzas across the country on Sunday in the biggest challenge to date against Silvio Berlusconi’s scandal-hit government.


From Sicily to northern Trieste – which prides itself on its conservative aloofness – crowds turned out to demand a better society for women and to denounce what they see as their 74-year-old prime minister’s demeaning of half of Italy in his control of centre-right politics and through his media empire.

Calling the grassroots movement, “If not now, when?” and spreading their message over the internet, organisers claimed 1m people attended rallies in more than 200 towns across Italy and about a dozen cities abroad.

Surprising themselves at the scale of the turnout, many said they were inspired by the protests in Cairo and Tunis.

Mariastella Gelmini, education minister, dismissed the rallies – led by trade unionists, prominent cultural figures, a handful of individual politicians and even some nuns – as “a few radical chic”

Protests were also planned across the world from Boston to Athens, showing the widespread anger against Berlusconi.


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