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  • We are a group that has been participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement. We are part of the 99% and are united in solidarity with all those who are fighting to change the direction in this country.  As participants of this occupation, we also believe that solidarity and criticism go together. We are people of color and allies who want to ensure that the voices, experiences and issues of the most oppressed and marginalized communities are in the front and center of this movement.


  • A blog that seeks to destabilize the rampant white supremacy and other systems of domination that have manifested themselves in the Occupy movement.
  • Created in response to the lack of racial diversity at #OccupyWallStreet with the purpose of developing critical consciousness within the movement and extending its reach to include those most effected by the current crisis. It is open to all who identify as people of color.
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So Real it Hurts – Notes on Occupy Wallstreet by Manissa McCleave Maharawal

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(originally published here)

I first went down to Occupy Wall Street last Sunday, almost a week after it had started. I didn’t go down before because I, like many of my other brown friends, was wary of what we had heard or just intuited that it was mostly a young, white male scene. When I asked friends about it they said different things: that it was really white; that it was all people they didn’t know; and that they weren’t sure what was going on. But after hearing about the arrests and police brutality on Saturday, September 24th and after hearing that thousands of people had turned up for their march I decided I needed to see this thing for myself.

So I went down for the first time on Sunday, September 25th with my friend Sam. At first we couldn’t even find Occupy Wall Street. We biked over the Brooklyn Bridge around noon on Sunday, dodging the tourists and then the cars on Chambers Street. We ended up at Ground Zero and I felt the deep sense of sadness that that place now gives me: sadness over how, what is now in essence just a construction site, changed the world so much for the worse. I also felt a deep sense of sadness for all the tourists taking pictures of a place where many people died ten years ago which  is now a testament to capitalism, imperialism, torture, and oppression.

Sam and I get off our bikes and walk. We are looking for Liberty Plaza. We are looking for somewhere less alienating. For a moment we feel lost. We walk past the department store Century 21 and laugh about the killer combination of tourists, discount shopping and the World Trade Center.

The landscape is strange. I notice that. We are in the shadow of half built buildings. They glitter and twist into the sky. But they also seem so naked: rust colored steel poking its way out of their tops and their sides, their guts spilling out for all to see.

Liberty Plaza

We get to Liberty Plaza and at first it is almost unassuming. We didn’t entirely know what to do. We wandered around. We made posters and laid them on the ground (our posters read: “We are all Troy Davis”, “Whose streets? Our streets!”, and “Tired of Racism, Tired of Capitalism”). I didn’t know anyone down there. Not one person. And there were a lot of young white kids. But there weren’t only young white kids. There were older people, there were mothers with kids, and there were a lot more people of color than I expected, something that made me relieved. We sat on the stairs and watched everyone mill around us. There was the normal protest feeling of people moving around in different directions, not sure what to do with themselves, but within this there was also order: a food table, a library, a busy media area.

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“We know who you are, we know what car you drive, we know where you live,” “Payback is a bitch 3 fold. “Scabs do not go against the majority.”

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Toyota employees who defied industrial action and turned up to work have been threatened with “payback” in a chilling letter that claims “we know where you live”.

The full-page letter says the workers are a “f…ing scab” and “the lowest of the low” for going against the majority of workers who went on strike today.

“We know who you are, we know what car you drive, we know where you live,” the letter reads.
“Payback is a bitch 3 fold. “Scabs do not go against the majority.”

Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) acting national secretary for the vehicle division, Dave Smith, condemned the letter and said there was no place for threats and intimidation in the workplace.

The union would begin an investigation into the source of the letter when workers returned on Monday, he said.

More than 3000 Toyota employees in Melbourne and Sydney began a 48-hour strike this morning over a pay dispute, bringing production to a halt.

Toyota Australia spokeswoman Laura Hill said there was no production at the company’s Altona assembly line after just 400 of the normal 3300 staff arrived for work.

The action is also affecting the Altona and Sydney parts distribution centres.

Further strike action is planned for next Thursday and Friday.

The industrial action was due to begin last week, but Fair Work Australia granted Toyota an interim suspension banning the strike.


Disarm Cops / Arm Feminists

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Slut Walk Goes South

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There has been much discussion around the feminist blogosphere about the resonance of Slutwalks among women of color. Andrea Plaid recently weighed in on the debate at Alternet. Ileana Jimenez of Feminist Teacher interviewed Gabriela Amancaya, one of the organizers of Mexico’s first Slutwalk in the capitol city, adding more vibrancy to the conversation about Slutwalks across nation and race.

Amancaya weighed in on the question of Slutwalks and women of color:

“We have to acknowledge our privilege in all cases, as there is no excuse. When we decided to hold a Marcha de las Putas in Mexico City, it was because we knew that machismo exists all over the world but within different contexts. In Mexico, the rates of gender-based violence are alarming, and while the intersections of race, class and ethnicity are different here than in the U.S., and while we recognize that raising our voices against the silence that has surrounded sexual abuse is still a privilege that not all people in our country have, it is important to break the silence around it wherever possible.”

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woman walks through market holding severed head of man who tried to rape her

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…Covered in blood, she held the head high like a trophy, said police – her way of showing that she had delivered her own kind of justice to her attacker…

According to police officer Ram Bharose, the unnamed 35-year-old woman had sliced off the man’s head with a sickle she had been using to cut grass near her village.

‘She was getting grass for her cattle when the man came up from behind her and tried to sexually assault her,’ said Mr Bharose.

‘In a bid to save her dignity, she turned on him and during a struggle managed to chop off his head with the sickle.

‘We have no doubts about her story because she had bite marks on her neck and cheek when the man tried to take advantage of her sexually.’

So determined was the woman to show that she had beaten off her attacker, who she claimed had been stalking her for three months, that she decided to take his head immediately to the local market.

‘She put the head on parade,’ said Mr Bharose. ‘She walked right through all the crowds who were buying their vegetables, holding the head up high.

‘All her clothes were covered in blood, but as far as she was concerned that didn’t matter. She just wanted to make a point and she definitely succeeded in doing that.

‘Everybody scattered. It was a very terrifying sight.’ Mr Bharose said the woman had no regrets about her actions.

‘We have to follow the letter of the law and although she says she acted in self defence she will probably be charged with culpable homicide,’ said the police officer.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1078520/Woman-walks-market-holding-severed-head-man-tried-rape-her.html#ixzz1PmBQ32gV

Bahrain medics on trial for treating protesters

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Video HERE.

Bahrain has begun the trials of 48 medical professionals accused of attempting to topple the monarchy.

Those on trial include some of the country’s top surgeons, accused of supporting weeks of pro-democracy protests in the country.

It is the latest trial at a special security tribunal set up by Bahrain’s rulers amid a far-reaching crackdown in the kingdom, which is home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet.

Human rights organisations have condemned the trials, saying the staff are being hounded for treating hundreds of wounded protesters.

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