OPD Continues to Teargas Protesters Attempting to Re-Occupy

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On Tuesday October 25th, about seven hundred gathered at the Oakland Public Library tonight, the Oakland Police Department geared up for another offensive. A march  that grew to about 1,500 people started from the Oakland Public Library to what the city calls Frank O’Gawa Plaza and what occupiers in Oakland have re-named Oscar Grant Plaza. Police released many teargas canisters on protesters including a woman in a wheelchair. Police fired rubber bullets into the march as well as flash grenades. People were in the streets till 4am and plan to go back today on 14th and Broadway at 6pm.

Police teargas woman in wheelchair whose batteries had run out.

Iraq War Veteran Protester shot in the head with a rubber bullet


Occupy Oakland Evicted: Cops fire Rubber Bullets, Flash Grenades,Tear Gas, Many Injured and Arrested

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“Around 2am word spread that riot police were massing in around the area where Occupy Oakland has been for more than two weeks. Hundreds of people gathered and began to make non-violent barricades at all the entrances to the plaza.

At about 4:30am, riot police appeared on all corners of the encampment. There were roughly 500 to 700 riot police in total.

The entire plaza was completely barricaded on all sides, with palates, trash cans, chairs, a gigantic christmas wreath, police barricades from a neighboring street.

Occupiers began chanting ‘go home’ as they always do when police show up at Occupy Oakland, but it quickly became clear that there was an overwhelming number of police from at least four different jurisdictions.

As people continued to chant and fell back within the barricade, off of the street, the police announced that we would be arrested within the encampment. They said [they’d use force to disperse demonstrators within] five minutes, and within a minute they fired the first rounds of flash-bang grenades and rubber bullets, and then tear gas into the camp, hitting and injuring multiple people.

At this point much of the crowd began to flee through an area the police had opened up to flush the crowd out. All those who remained were arrested.

We know of roughly 70 arrests and multiple injuries, none of them extremely serious, but many for sure.

At this time people are still standing up to the police line. The camp looks like a tornado went through it. Everything is destroyed, and it is currently occupied by hundreds of police.

We’re asking for public condemnations of police repression of the occupy movement in Oakland and we’re also saying that people should reconverge at 14th and Madison at the public library for an emergency demonstration at 4pm today (Tuesday).” Tim, an organizer with Occupy Oakland.

Over 100 occupiers were arrested as of 10:03am this morning the National Lawyers guild told us this morning. The city of Oakland has told it’s employees not to come to work today in anticipation of response to the violent eviction of the largest encampment of people living in an #occupy space. This morning’s raid widely believed to be the most violent so far, yet NBC is reporting a “smooth” and “peaceful” eviction by OPD. The use of tear gas, rubber bullets, stun grenades, a sound cannon, the LRAD, and batons is peaceful and smooth according to the C.O.N. media.

At the celebration of the two week birthday of Occupy Oakland about two thousand people circulated through the occupation. On Monday, October 25 the city of Oakland gave the occupation the final warning of eviction. During the General Assembly on Monday evening the GA came to a consensus that occupiers would stay to defend the camp. The occupiers then built barricades and discussed various tactical plans about how to defend to the camp.

The security of the camp was on high alert, and at 3:15am occupiers say riot cops staging and preparing. The camp then woke up and began to barricade walls made out of everything from couches to metal barricades and wooden pallets. This was many unemployed people, many homeless people who camp in the camp, rank and file union members, students, the entire camp joined to barricade to defend the camp. Carlifornia highway patrol, Riot police, and police from four counties, a chopper, stages a very large scale operation with at least 700 police show up against at least 200 campers and about 100 more non-camping supporters and media observers.

The riot police immediately teargased the front entrance of the camp where everyone was behind the barricades.  When they teargased the front of the camp the media who had been parked by the entrance has to move their vans as they had also gotten teargased. The media and outside supporters left because of the teargas. Then the police moved in to push apart the barricades and shoot into the camp with rubber bullets. The went through the camp and shooting people with rubber bullets causing what protesters described as a “chaotic warzone-like situation”. They beat several unconscious in the process of arresting them. Throughout the next half hour they closed all the streets within a three block radius around the plaza so no one could see what was happening in the plaza. The police trampled and destroyed the entire encampment.  About 70 were arrested and many were injured.

At 8am a large group of people got through when the streets opened up and attempted to re-occupy Snow Park.

The Okaland Tribune reported that police successfully demolished the camp and cleaned out all their tents, a medical desk, a makeshift kitchen and more, after having declared the whole site a “crime scene,” even though no other crime than an “unlawful assembly” had occurred.

Aggregated Media (a lot of Gross Mis-reporting in favor of the Police Department):





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full communique here


This occupation is inevitable, and yet we need to make it. There is no way for capital to continue its reign – this is clear. And yet, capital will not behead itself: we know that we need to struggle in some way if we are to overcome it. This statement is not a rejection of the occupation – as if it could be avoided, as if the present conditions were not so grave, as if we haven’t all had enough. But there are things that need to be said. We submit this critique in the deepest solidarity with those people of color, women, queer, and trans* folx that have endured this occupation while labouring on making it more livable from the inside.

Before anything else, we must frame this movement within a prior occupation, that of white settlers on Nanticoke and Susquehannock land. The genocide, expulsion, and dispossession of native peoples is foundational to the ascent of the US as a center of global capital; we cannot reclaim this country, only acknowledge it as a unit of capitalist destruction.

              We are the 99%”

If we want to use this figure to underscore how far polarized the rich and the poor are today, fine. But those of us that don’t homogenize so easily get suspicious when we hear calls for unity. What other percentages hide behind the nearly-whole 99%? What about the 16% of Blacks that are “officially” unemployed, double the number of whites? The 1 out of 8 Black men in their twenties that on any given day will be in prison or jail? The quarter of women that will get sexually assaulted in their lifetime? The dozens of queer, trans*, intersex, and gender-variant folks that are murdered each year, 70% of whom are people of color? Is a woman of color’s experience of the crisis interchangeable with that of the white man whose wage is twice hers? Are we all Troy Davis? As austerity grinds down on us, who among us will go to prison? Who will be relegated to informal, precarious labor? Whose benefits will be cut, whose food stamps canceled or insufficient? Who will be evicted? Who will be unable to get health care, to get hormones or an abortion?

Jamarhl Crawford from the New Black Panther Party at Occupy Boston

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from a facilitator of the GA in Oakland

“Today i was facilitating the general assembly at occupy oakland. minutes before the assembly the city gave us an extensive letter nit-picking a million demands they have of us ‘for our safety blah blah.’ it was way too last minute for us to incorporate it in the already long meeting so my co-facilitator and i decided we would just read it aloud and proposals should come the next day about how to respond. i read the whole thing while the assembly burst out in laughter and booed many of the demands. as i finished reading it all these people were yelling ‘burn it!! BURN IT!!’ before i knew it a dozen people rushed the stage, burned the letter from the city (in front of city hall mind you), and the whole general assembly broke out into the most beautiful of chaos with everyone cheering and jumping around. oakland, you are LEGIT.”

NJ police kill a man then stifle First Amendment, then unleash riot police on crowd

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In response to last week’s killing of Barry Deloatch at the hands of 2 New Brunswick police officers, demonstrators rallied at the site he was shot dead. One of the rally’s organizers and an innocent bystander on her bicycle were arrested by an army of New Brunswick police officers in riot gear… for no good reason.

The investigating authorities still have not said why the officers killed Deloatch shortly after midnight on September 22, nor have they released the officers’ names.

Video shot by Sean Monahan of New Brunswick:

WEEKLY CITY-WIDE STUDENT GA- Washington Sq Park, Saturdays at Noon

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