The nothing is a small reading group started by some not-men in New York and Brooklyn.

We use this site to spread news and articulate some of our own debates and sundry analyses.


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  • Raj Patel says:

    Comrades! This is a terrific site- I’m so glad I came across it (and the reading list, some of which is familiar, and a few nuggets that I’m looking forward to reading).

    I’d love to know where the quote in this post came from:

    this is not defenitively a revolution . This is a moment where radical people and people that have never been involved in politics before are meeting in the squares around spain and are talking about capitalist system, financial crisis, political crisis, etc… It’s a process of ridding fear to raise our voices. And it is complicated for people who are super radical to work with people who have never heard the word patriarchy, you know. But it is beautiful and very important that new people is getting involved, outside the political ghetto. The camp in Plaza Catalunya is very very organized, full of people cooking for free, free radios, free tv programs, people making gardens, nurseries, workshops, talks, music…


  • thesumofnothingandnothing says:

    Many thanks for the props, the quote was from a spanish comrade that has been part of some of our conversations for a long while, part of a response she gave when we begged for news.
    The Nothing

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