Oakland: Points of Unity for a Feminist & Queer Occupation

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oakland occupy patriarchy

1. This Capitalist society is based upon a
racist, white supremacist racial order, and
so our organizing must confront, and attack
structural racism and white supremacy in this
city and in our own spaces.
2. Women, Trans people, Queers, Fags,
Dykes, need a space that is OURS because
we are marginalized, harassed, and attacked
in other spaces all the time. We do not all
have the same needs and desires, and
our relationships with one another are
structured by the intensified oppression of
people of color, trans people and poor
folks. However we think that we can support
and increase our power by working
with each other.

3. While we acknowledge that we are not
all affected in the same way by patriarchy,
we do believe that our degradation,
marginalization and harassment is systematic
and structural. As a result, we believe
that we cannot be fully liberated until we
abolish the system of Patriarchy in addition
to White Supremacy and Capitalism.

4. We are against Non-Profit Organizations
which end up supporting the system we
want to destroy and fucking over the
communities they claim to aid. Non-profits
have created a style of political organizing
that will never really threaten capitalism,
patriarchy, or white supremacy.

5. We are against the cops; they are our
enemy. Police protect the interests of the
ruling class, repress our resistance, and
harass, injure, rape and kill people in our
communities. We do not seek to reform,
negotiate, or work with this system; instead,
we work with each other!


Hunter College is Occupied!

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Statement for Occupation – 12/06/11

Occupy Hunter will be occupying the lobby in the west building of Hunter College throughout the night and into tomorrow. The occupation started at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and there is not yet a determined end time. This is an organic process and your participation, commitment and support is needed! Currently, there’s a group of Hunter students, adjuncts and community members in the west lobby. Occupy Hunter has a main table with food, literature and Occupy Hunter information, a library table with books from the library at Zuccoti park, a table committed to studying and writing papers, and a table to organize and propose ideas. We are here to nurture an active community at Hunter College by creating a space that addresses the pressing issues relevant to the Hunter community and CUNY as a whole. Occupy Hunter is occupying the west lobby to establish our presence, promote awareness, and create a culture of resistance. This is our school and our CUNY.

Come by to get inolved, or email:


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