NYC Solidarity March Oct 26 WINS

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At the GA on Wednesday, October 26th  the OWS general assembly came to consensus to donate $20,000 and 100 tents to Occupy Oakland in solidarity with the violent decimation of their camp and the brutal and violent repression they faced during eviction and after on the streets of oakland on Tuesday October 25th.

From proposal:

For medical and legal funds. The Oakland occupation was evicted yesterday morning very violently by 500 riot police with rubber bullets and tear gas. Yesterday night they marched to reoccupy and were met with 10 rounds of tear gas. The footage depicts what looks like a war zone. Of the injuries reported, there’s an Iraq war veteran who is currently unconscious in critical condition, shot in the head with a rubber bullet. Another vet is still in the hospital with a head injury from a tear gas canister. 12 people have injuries from the police that haven’t gotten checked out because they were in jail. There have been more than 180 arrests.

This money will also go for legal because tonight, at a 6 pm march, they will try to reoccupy. The NLG does not provide money for bail or medical expenses, therefore the responsibility is on the movement. Occupy Oakland has been the most economically and racially diverse occupation in the U.S. Thus it comes as no surprise that they were the first of this scale to be violently evicted. If we want to make any claim toward being a movement inclusive of everyone, it is crucial to show material solidarity with Oakland. The violent decimation and consequent violent attacks on Oakland will set a precedent for how occupations across the country will be dealt with. Both Atlanta and Denver were moved on last night. If we want people to resist this oppression, we need to support their resistance. Occupy Oakland, has no material support and collected money dollar by dollar [unintelligible] … their support got him bonded out. It is in this spirit of mutual aid and solidarity that we ask for $20,000 for our fellow occupiers on the West Coast. It is only together that we can keep this thing going.”

After the GA there was an incredible solidarity march with about 700 people that marched up Broadway and many other streets in downtown Manhattan. 14 people were arrested.




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