OPD Continues to Teargas Protesters Attempting to Re-Occupy

26.10.2011 § 2 Comments

On Tuesday October 25th, about seven hundred gathered at the Oakland Public Library tonight, the Oakland Police Department geared up for another offensive. A march  that grew to about 1,500 people started from the Oakland Public Library to what the city calls Frank O’Gawa Plaza and what occupiers in Oakland have re-named Oscar Grant Plaza. Police released many teargas canisters on protesters including a woman in a wheelchair. Police fired rubber bullets into the march as well as flash grenades. People were in the streets till 4am and plan to go back today on 14th and Broadway at 6pm.

Police teargas woman in wheelchair whose batteries had run out.

Iraq War Veteran Protester shot in the head with a rubber bullet


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§ 2 Responses to OPD Continues to Teargas Protesters Attempting to Re-Occupy

  • Tessa says:

    Well, this is the exact report given by Fox News in the Bay Area (Oakland) this morning. . .
    For people who haven’t done this before, and according to people who were there, that sound you hear is the firing of teargas canisters, not “flash grenades.” And OPD does not even have rubber bullets; but they are firing beanbags at some. We know, or should know that, when any group(s) or part{s} of we, the people, attempt to challenge the powers that be, they will resist us. Not that its right; but I do wish there’d be less surprise when the same actions produce the same responses, time after time.

    What I’d hope to see from non-Fox news sources, and political blogs like this, is some discussion of other issues: Do we want to keep repeating this same scene – or might there be other more creative and thus more powerful responses? This emerging movement involves only tiny numbers compared to the numbers on the street in the 60’s. . . but involves widespread support among multiple classes and across racial lines, etc. How might we more fully engage and involve more people?

    I’m in a nearby city with its own Occupy and internal contradictions. But friends at Oakland report that many people left the Occupy encampment over the past week due to contradictions among the people; violence in the camp itself; a group advocating far more disruptive tactics than many seemed to want and just doing it anyway during marches. . . The reduced numbers at the camp left them vunerable to being evicted by the cops. And the thousand strong march yesterday afternoon was not involved in these events last night. It was just a couple of hundred people who chose to engage with the cops. Where did the others go, and what alternative activity are they engaged in? Yes, democracy is messy. I value what I read here, and hope to see some of these issues of what it is we’re building being addressed!

    • thesumofnothingandnothing says:

      Dear Tessa,

      We know that the OPD does have rubber bullets because our comrades were directly hit with them. As for the flash grenades that was a re-posting of a mainstream news source and we ask people on the ground in oakland confirm, but in the streaming video we can see not only teargas canisters, but projectiles that flash as they explode.

      We completely agree about asking what are the conditions of possibility of this movement? What is going on in terms of race, gender, class within a movement lacking any explicit race, gender and class analysis? Our priority right now is to convey a message of what is going on in Oakland from what folks there tell us because the eviction was grossly misreported on, but we hope to continue to critically analyze the events.

      in solidarity,
      The Nothing

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