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A woman was shot dead by police in Midtown last night after investigators say she refused to drop a pair of knives. Police say they were called to a shelter on East 45th street around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, where they encountered the armed woman arguing with another woman in front of New Providence Residence, a shelter that houses women suffering from mental illness or addictions.

Officers say they ordered the armed woman to drop the two knives, and when she did not, they shot her multiple times.

Sources tell NY1 the woman was Yvonne McNeal, a 57-year-old New Providence resident.

“She never bothered nobody. She never talked to nobody. She stayed all to herself, she’d speak and that was it. So I was surprised that it was her,” said one local.

“Yesterday I was walking with him, and I overhead shooting sounds, five or six,” said Junyh Taneicha, who works at a nearby restaurant. “Somebody said, ‘Oh, maybe shooting, shooting, shooting,’ and I ran out.”

The investigation is ongoing at the scene of the shooting.


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