Occupy Wall St

02.10.2011 § Leave a comment

General Assembly by BLGARCIA
General Assembly, a photo by BLGARCIA on Flickr.

We’ve been in and out of the Wall St. occupation. Some of us went down there last Thursday when the rally for Troy Davis took the street and march wild and angry and joined up with the Wall St protest.  When the Troy Davis crowd with many POC folks from high school to university students, comrades from Malcolm X Grassroots got down Wall St it was no surprise that these two loud white dudes without shirts yelling tried to lead the protest into a pig pen on the sidewalk at Wall St. and Broadway. They tried to get people to yell blandly about occupation drowning out the previous chants ( which had been “This system is racist, they lynched Troy Davis” “Fuck Racism, Abolish Prison” “Hey hey, ho ho this racist system’s got to go”).We say: capital does not reproduce itself on Wall St. and Broadway only and maybe only the cops want you to think that so you’ll nicely go in the pig pen. The cops beat people up and arrested six men of color that night. This was before the mass arrest and brutalization on Friday.As more organized groups join as well as radical groups who want to push race and gender analysis, we will be watching. What will the tactics look like when union leaders are involved in the actions? Will the presence of organized labor and community groups push the occupation toward concrete demands? Will this movement continue to look like the movements in the squares of Madrid? What limits will this generalized movement against austerity and capitalism hit (in opposition to struggles with more specifically shared conditions and concrete demands)?We hope the class/race/gender composition and tactics will depart from other mass movements we’ve seen like the anti-war movement. AUSTERITY IS RACED AND GENDERED. EXPROPRIATE YOUR REVENGE. OCCUPY WHATEVER, BUT DON’T BE SURPRISED WHEN THE NYPD ACTS WITH IMPUNITY AS THEY DO DAILY.


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