“WE ARE REVOLTING” .. Students vs cops, globally…

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marking a growing global confluence of student revolt and anti-police action



Middle East Technical University : 10-Year-Prison Threat for “Revolting” Students.

The trial was postponed to 14 December. Students from ODTÜ protested the prosecution of their fellow students with a press release made in front of the Ankara Courthouse. Again, the students chanted slogans like “We are revolting against the AKP, YÖK and the police” and posted a banner featuring “We are revolting”. (AS/VK)

Students Clash with Police in Chile

Chilean students have once again clashed with police during a protest rally in the capital Santiago over education policies of President Sebastian Pinera.
The Students marched through the streets of the capital peacefully and called on the government to boost education spending, Reuters reported.
The protest turned violent after police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse those protesters that were armed with rocks and Molotov cocktails.
The security forces also detained several demonstrators.

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale campus sees? riots?

Police on campus stopped short of calling the situation a riot, saying a few of the students got out of control.

The crowds started gathering about 10 p.m. after the power went out following storms that came through the area around Carbondale, officials said. At the peak of the outage, Ameren Illinois reported about 2,000 customers without power. At 11:45 p.m., campus still did not have power but the crowds were dispersing and students were going back inside their buildings…

Sievers said students were putting out wrong information on Twitter, calling it a riot. “A lot of kids got on social media, saying tear gas had been sprayed, cars were turned over. That’s just not true,” he said.

Campus police did request help from local, county and state police. The state police arrived in riot gear, but that is standard procedure for that type of response

CHAD: students to face trial over protest pamphlets

Chadian authorities must immediately release two students who have been held for four months for allegedly trying to organize pro-reform protests, Amnesty International said today ahead of a fresh court hearing this week.

Bebkika Passoua Alexis and Nedoumbayel Nekaou were arrested in May at a bus station in the capital N’Djamena for allegedly carrying documents calling for Chadians to organize demonstrations inspired by protests earlier this year in Tunisia and Egypt.

“If these students are being held merely on suspicion of supporting peaceful protests, we would consider them to be prisoners of conscience and they must be released immediately and unconditionally,” said Erwin Van Der Borght, Africa Programme Director at Amnesty International.

Uganda: Student Strike

The students of senior 1, 2 and 3 at Kamengo secondary school in east division fort portal municipality Kabarole district this morning engaged police in running battles after they attempted to strike over the teachers’ failure to teach.

The angry students claim that the three forms have never had any lesson since the beginning of third term saying that some teachers only teach in form four.

Students and workers on strike at American University in Cairo.

Students at the American University in Cairo (AUC) began a strike on Sunday, objecting to a rise in tuition fees. Workers demanding higher wages joined the students.

A group of AUC students had proposed the strike on Facebook a week ago.

AUC raises tuition fees by 9% annually and is one of the most expensive private universities in Egypt. Its 2010-2011 fees were LE52, 836 for Egyptians and $11,184 for foreigners per semester.

University bus drivers joined the strike to complain about salaries that do not exceed LE850 per month and working hours that can be up to 16 hours a day without overtime pay. Security workers joined the strike to demand higher wages, an hour break and risk compensation pay.

The Facebook page promoting the strike claims the university wastes money by unevenly distributing money, as some faculty members are paid very high salaries whilst other employees and workers are poorly paid. The page added that tuition fees constitute only 30% of AUC’s budget, so their reduction should not affect workers’ wages, which the students demand should be increased.

Colombians clashed with police in education protests

Colombians clashed with police and damaged property in a nationwide protest against education reform Wednesday, Colombian media reported.

According to reports, the protests in the capital cities of Medellin, Bogota, Ibague, and Tunja caused the most damage. Protesters threw rocks at riot police in Ibague, the capital of the central Tolima department, injuring eight police officers. In Tunja, the capital city of the Boyaca department, one lieutenant and one officer were severely injured during the protests.

Several properties were damaged by potato bombs and three police officers were injured in the march in Medellin. Protesters in Bogota defaced the Transmilenio bus system, dozens of stores and banks, as well as a museum.




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