NYC ACTION: Emergency Action 9/16 Stop the execution of Troy Davis

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** New York City: Emergency Demonstration Friday, Sept. 16,
> 4:30-6 p.m., Times Square, 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue.

If Troy Davis is executed, we need to watch our backs

By JONATHAN RICH on September 16, 2011

The state of Georgia plans on executing Troy Davis, a man who has been on death row for nearly 20 years, on Sept. 21. Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer in Savannah, Ga. in 1991. The case against Davis was based on witness testimonies that were full of discrepancies.

Since then, all but two of the witnesses have recanted their testimonies, and many witnesses have signed sworn affidavits claiming they were coerced by the police into testifying against Davis, according to Amnesty International.


> Stop the execution of Troy Davis, set for Sept. 21
> by Angela Davis
> San Francisco Bay View
> September 12, 2011
> I urgently appeal to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and to the
> members of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole – L. Gale
> Buckner, Robert E. Keller, James E. Donald, Albert Murray
> and Terry Barnard – to spare the life of Troy Davis, a young
> African American citizen of your state.
> I hope everyone within sight or sound of my words or my
> voice will likewise urgently call and fax Gov. Neal and the
> members of the board. Under Georgia law, only they can stop
> the execution of Troy Davis.
> First of all, there is very compelling evidence that Troy
> Davis may be innocent of the murder of Police Officer Mark
> MacPhail in 1989 in Savannah. The case against Davis has all
> but collapsed: Seven of nine witnesses against him have
> recanted their testimony and said that they were pressured
> by police to lie, and nine other witnesses have implicated
> one of the remaining two as the actual killer. No weapon or
> physical evidence linking Davis to the murder was ever
> found. No jury has ever heard this new information, and four
> of the jurors who originally found him guilty have signed
> statements in support of Mr. Davis.
> More importantly, the planned execution of a likely innocent
> young Black man in the state of Georgia has become a
> terrible blot on the status of the United States in the
> international community of nations. All modern industrial
> and democratic nations and 16 states within the United
> States have abolished capital punishment. The fact that the
> overwhelming majority of the men and women on death rows
> across the country are Black and other people of color – and
> are universally poor – severely undermines our country’s
> standing in the eyes of the people of the world.
> Most importantly, the execution of Troy Davis will
> contribute to an atmosphere of violence and racism and a
> devaluation of life itself within our country. If we can
> execute anyone, especially a man who may be innocent of any
> crime, it fosters disrespect for the law and life itself.
> This exacerbates every social problem at a time when the
> people of our country face some of the most difficult
> challenges regarding our economic security and future.
> I urge everyone to join with me in urging Gov. Neal and the
> Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole to stay the execution of
> Troy Davis and commute his death sentence. Give this young
> man a life and an opportunity to prove his innocence.
> Please, call, fax or email today. Stop the execution of Troy
> Davis!
>       * Gov. Nathan Deal: phone (404) 651-1776, fax (404)
>       657-7332, email,
>       web contact form
>       * Georgia Board of Parsons and Parole: phone (404)
>       656-5651, fax (404) 651-8502
> [Legendary freedom fighter Angela Y. Davis, now retired from
> the U.C. Santa Cruz faculty, is the founder of Critical
> Resistance, which can be reached at 1904 Franklin St., Suite
> 504, Oakland, CA 94612, phone (510) 444-0484, fax (510)
> 444-2177, email ]
> ==========
> More than half a million signatures delivered today
> Hundreds of thousands of individuals just like you have
> joined the chorus of Americans who know there is too much
> doubt to execute Troy Davis! At 10:30a this morning our
> friends at Amnesty International delivered 650,000 petition
> signatures to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole
> asking them to stop the execution. If you already signed
> EJUSA’s petition, your signature was among those received by
> the board today. Thank YOU!
> What’s been done:
>    * More than 650,000 signatures have been collected by a
>    national network of organizations working to prevent the
>    Troy Davis execution from moving forward. The Board is
>    holding Davis’ clemency hearing on Monday, September
>    19th.
>    * Our friends at People of Faith Against the Death
>    Penalty have received more than 3,400 signatures on
>    their faith leader sign on letter. They believe this
>    letter contains the largest number of endorsements from
>    faith leaders on this type of action in our country’s
>    recent history. Faith leaders from every state and from
>    every major faith tradition, have joined this call!
>    Faith leaders can still add their support today!
>    * The media and prominent politicians and celebrities
>    have spoken out. The list of prominent supporters
>    includes former President Jimmy Carter, South African
>    Archbishop Desmond Tutu, more than four dozen Members of
>    Congress, Russell Simmons, Joan Baez, Steve Earle, Cee-
>    Lo Green, Tom Morello, John Legend and Harry Belafonte,
>    and actors Miriam Margolyes, Tim Roth, Mike Farrell,
>    Susan Sarandon, Jared Leto, and Mia Farrow.
> What you can do now:
>    * Attend or organize a local event TOMORROW, September
>    16th, a global day of action. Our friends at Amnesty
>    International are keeping a full list of activities,
>    find out if there is one in your area!
>    Actions come in all shapes and sizes – a rally at the
>    state capitol, handing out flyers at a street fair, or
>    even hosting friends at your home to watch the Troy
>    Davis videos.
>    If there isn’t an event in your area and you are able to
>    put one together, please let us know.
>    <>
>    * Join in the discussion on Twitter by retweeting our
>    #TooMuchDoubt tweets. We’ve been sharing a new fact
>    about Davis’ case every day at We
>    will also be following the actions taking place in the
>    next few days as well as the clemency hearing next week.
>    * If you haven’t signed the petition or you have friends
>    who haven’t yet signed, you can still send a letter
>    directly to the parole board at
>    Please share, tweet, and post this link on Facebook to
>    keep it going.
> We will continue to keep you informed about the important
> news and actions related to Troy’s execution over the next
> week. This is an important opportunity for each of us to
> educate our friends, family, and coworkers about one of the
> most terrifying flaws of the death penalty system- the very
> real possibility that we will execute an innocent person.
> We want to thank you again for your support and action!
> Towards Justice,
> Emma
> on behalf of all of EJUSA
> Equal Justice USA (EJUSA) is a national leader in the
> movement to halt executions. We work state by state to train
> and empower grassroots leaders to advocate for a more fair
> and humane criminal justice system. Will you help us build
> this movement?
> Equal Justice USA
> 20 Jay Street, Suite 808
> Brooklyn, NY 11201
> ==========


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