biopolitical threats: Associated Press article on NYPD as “little CIA”

26.08.2011 § Leave a comment

Gawker  gives a summary of recent Associated Press article showing that NYPD was called to do what federal law prohibits the CIA from doing: intensive domestic spying (it’s actually illegal for CIA employees to gather intelligence inside the U.S.) So ok, we knew that already, the spying, the intel, the threats. But now this story is all over the news, Against the Grain, DemNOW, all that ish.

So the Nothing wonders, what is the meaning of this leak to Associated Press? Is it the triumph of good journalism (barf)? Or maybe because the CIA/FBI/NYPD want us to know how closely they’re looking. Well.

Now we know for sure some things  will get us a look from the NYPD intel:

  • “If a raker noticed a customer looking at radical literature, he might chat up the store owner and see what he could learn. The bookstore, or even the customer, might get further scrutiny. If a restaurant patron applauds a news report about the death of U.S. troops, the patron or the restaurant could be labeled a hot spot.”
  • “Rakers” employ “Mosque Crawlers,” or informants tasked with attending Muslim religious services and reporting back to the NYPD.
  • If you appear Middle Eastern and have been arrested or detained, “expect the NYPD to try to use that as leverage to turn you into an informant. The department created a special “debriefing unit” tasked with scanning arrestees for potential informants: “When someone is arrested who might be useful to the intelligence unit – whether because he said something suspicious or because he is simply a young Middle Eastern man – he is singled out for extra questioning. Intelligence officials don’t care about the underlying charges; they want to know more about his community and, ideally, they want to put him to work.” Example: The Department asked the city Taxi Commission to generate a list of all Pakistani cab drivers with minor infractions, in the hopes of inducing them to cooperate.



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