eviction struggle in nyc; land struggles move forward…

25.08.2011 § Leave a comment

Last friday saw around 200 civilians show up at unearthly hours of the morning to prevent Marshalls from Evicting a Ms. Ward in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Hipsters in broad attendance, and what better use for them than blocking the Marshall, right? Ms. Ward was prey to some wack debt scam, and  her house (which she’s lived in for like  44 years) is in foreclosure. The eviction was successfully prevented and it seems there is some deal being struck with the “new owners”, some rando company. More info over at Organize 4 Occupation, the group bottomlining the biz: http://www.o4onyc.org/


Another action is being called for August 31st (see below) to pressure the powers that be to resolve things in Ms. Ward’s favor.

Organize 4 Occupation appears to be the newest iteration of a series of threads of struggle around land issues in NYC, which have usually either become dominated by non-profits and rendered obsolete, or slowed down and dispersed (some milestones in that – RECLAIM NYC; CAP Your Landlord; No More Affordable Housing Scams; Picture the Homeless, etc) This O4O appears to have wrangled in some of those folks who are relatively antagonistic towards non-profits, but mad active, which is tight, we hope it continues that way, and will come to any eviction blockade we can.







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