SPAIN “… we have no use for democracy. The Future is your enemy.” – Garcia Calvo

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Translation by comrade Maxine Holz of true words from 85 – year – old Agustin Garcia Calvo, speaking to the crowds at Puerta del Sol:

you are joy, the joy of the unexpected and the unpredictable. Neither the governments, nor the authorities, nor the parties expected this. Even you yourselves, a few weeks or months ago, did not foresee this …

don’t count on the State …no matter what: not any form of state organization.

… we have no use for “democracy.” I’m sorry, I see this doesn’t get as much immediate applause, but I have to insist. I understand that choosing slogans such as ‘Real Democracy Now” could be a less confrontational tactic, because it seems that that to be upfront and say “ No to any State, democratic or otherwise” could sound bad, but I think its time to let go of the deceit of democracy. Democracy is a trick… Kratos means power and Demo is supposedly the people… and the people can never have power: power is against the people. ..the contradiction is inherent in the very word, democracy… The democratic regime is simply the most advanced, the most perfect, the one that has produced the best results, that has produced this Regime of Well-Being that they say we live in; but really it is still Power, the same as always … a better democracy is an illusion…It’s not the way, and if your uprising gets organized in a way that resembles the administration of the
State, it will already be lost, it will be doing nothing more than repeating history with other colors …. I urge you to renounce ideas of a better state…

[regarding demands for a better future]

“I would [also] erase from the list of demands put forth by your leaders [demands for a better future]. The Future is your enemy. The future is what is used to deceive people, especially, the youth. They say “ you have a future” or “you have to create your future”, which really means to resign yourself to death, to a future death. This future is what Capital needs…..The future is theirs, it’s their weapon. Don’t let it seem like it’s something blessed or beneficial: their future should sound to us like death….the future is the future of Business, of Finance, of Capital. You don’t have a future! You need to have the courage to denounce this.


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