Recent feminist surges within struggles; “Friday of the Free Women” in Syria; “The revolution will be feminist or it will not be” in Spain

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For at least 9 consecutive Fridays, people in Syria have filled the streets in protest. May 13th was designated the “Friday of the Free Women”, and the march was a flood of not-men. Here women have been coming out in larger and larger numbers to demonstrations, and have also adopted a tactic of women-only marches which are met with less violent repression by the police.

article (in french) here with comrades dndf.

In Spain a feminist convergence within the current demos produced a document entitled THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FEMINIST OR IT WILL NOT BE. Although note that The Nothing suspects that “indignades” should be translated as “indignant” rather than “teased”… And that a google translate of the website offers perhaps a better translation than is given on the site. The site is a feminist locus for the Spanish uprising in Madrid, find it here: feministes indignades a placa catalunya.

Some highlights (from modified googletranslate)

We are in this place because:
1. -Capitalist and patriarchal society oppresses us. We want a society in which people are the heart and not the markets. Therefore we demand: free and vital public services like education, health care and care for children and promotion of personal autonomy, against social cuts and labor reform and pensions.
2. -We want everyone’s commitment to building a society where macho violence have no place in all its forms: economic, aesthetic, occupational, physical, psychological, sexual, institutional, religious, racist, as trafficking for purposes of labor and sexual exploitation …
3. -We want to decide freely on our body, enjoy and relate with him and who gives us the appetite.
We want abortion forfree.
4. -We want a society where respect for the many diverse forms of live sex and sexuality (lesbian, gay, intersex, bisexual, transgendered, transgender, people with disabilities …) and recognize the right to sexuality at all stages of life.Despathologization demand the identities of the trans.
5. -We demand that the state, church and market, stop interfering in our lives.
0. – We are anti-capitalist wars and armies, we reject the use of the body of women as a weapon of war, particularly the rape of women…
0. – Denounce violence by police and control institutions such as prisons, immigrant detention centers, psychiatric centers, children, etc.. And his violence specific to women, lesbians and trans for being so.
0. – Call for transnational feminist solidarity as a tool to change the world. In all places there are women, lesbians and trans indignant feminists, we endorse their claims and give our full support.
note The ever present contradiction between (1) demand for social services/jobs and (5) demand that the state/capital GTFO.
The Nothing is a confrontation of this paradox which must be superceded and destroyed at its fount.

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