Apr 1: Uprisings throughout Africa/E.Asia Continue, Ivory Coast conflict might make yr chocolate more expensive!

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Nice brief  run down HERE. But that article only looking at “arab world” and so miss the fact that the Ivory Coast is also popping off (tho its being called “ethnic turmoil”, even though its the same type of struggle thats going on in Egypt/Tunisa that’s getting called political uprisings..)

In the Ivory coast, West Africa’s second biggest economy (!!) the old president has refused to step down. 800 people died this week in the conflict. Borders are getting closed, and global cocoa prices have been spiralling upwards. Ivory Coast is the world’s largest cocoa producer.

The Nothing’s even more abbreviated version of the other stuff:

“The Arab protests have typically used Friday prayers as a rallying point, and today was no different in multiple hot spots. A sampling:”

Yemen: Pro- and anti-government demonstrators held dueling protests in Sanaa. In the capital and other cities.

Syria: Protesters gathered across the country today and met resistance from government forces. Tear gas, electrified batons, clubs and bullets were used, and a Syrian human rights group claimed at least seven deaths.

Jordan: Jordan has been on the periphery of the Arab uprising, but protests have been fairly consistent since January, and today hundreds of protesters camped in Amman. They have commandeered “Municipality Square” in the capital. Last week, police violently broke up an attempt to camp, but today the protesters met no resistance. The movement remains small, with about 2,000 coming out today.

Bahrain: The suppression of peaceful protesters has continued in Bahrain, with checkpoints throughout the island nation, tanks in full view in the capital and night raids on the protesters’ homes

Tunisia: In case you thought the uprising was over in this, the first country in the region to depose a dictator, think again. Today police fired tear gas to break up a rally by Islamists protesting the country’s secular laws. It’s a sign that these uprisings are complex and not linear.


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