Patriarchy is not a dwindling vestige of pre-capitalism: another example

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Article showing that female feoticide/infanticide/sex selection is NOT linked to “backwardness”, to poverty, to illiteracy — that rural and “tribal” societies (dunno how that’s defined) have much less female infanticide than urban and non-tribal societies. Communities with much higher levels of technology also have much higher disparities in their “child sex ratio”.

The 2011 numbers show that the states with the worst child sex ratio (CSR) are not the most backward: the prosperous agrarian states of Haryana and Punjab bear that ignominy with the neighbouring industrial hubs ofDelhi and Chandigarh only slightly better. Uttar Pradesh has a better CSR than Maharashtra and Gujarat, while Bihar betters the national average. Since the CSR counts the number of girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of six, this is one trend that cannot be explained away by high out-migration.

Within states, rural areas tend to have a better CSR than urban areas… also the top 10 districts for literacy in UP had a CSR of 887 compared to the bottom 10 for whom the number was 937, a difference of 50. The same trend prevailed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana and West Bengal.

sure don’t know what “backwardness” means here, but nonetheless:

he 150 most backward districts of India, as identified by the central government, had far better CSRs than the rest, according to the 2001 census — they had an average of 947 as against 921 for the rest.

Details here.


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