>50 women destroy and loot liquor shop in Orissa.

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Over 50 women of the Baro community under Nikirai police station have ransacked the liquor shop and destroyed the liquor bottles worth over several lakhs rupees.

According to Bikram Kumar Sahu, the salesman of the Baro-based licensed liquor shop, the women of the locality, with the help of some local youth, came to the shop and asked him to come out.

When he did not pay any heed to their demands, the irate mob barged into the shop and threw the liquor bottles and set the signboard ablaze.

Nikirai police station officer-in-charge Manasi Patra said police had registered a case in this regard.

The salesman alleged that the women took away a cash of Rs 50,000 from the counter box after assaulting him.

No arrest has been made so far, police said, adding a ”legal action would be initiated against the women as per law”.

The women said they were forced to take law in their hands as the authority did not pay any heed despite repeated pleas.

In November last, hundreds of women, including college-going girls of Baro, had detained Energy Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak along with two ruling party MLAs on their way to a party meeting at Pattamundai demanding closure of the shop.

So there’s no comment of WHY this happened, in the article. But hey.
Link, Here.  The nothing <3’s Ludmila P. Loves loves and loves.


Hitch in global circulation of reproductive labor gives a cross-section: Madagascan women/Sri Lankan agency/Saudi employers

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Twenty Madagascan women who planned to work as maids in Saudi Arabia, were intercepted by police yesterday before they were able to board the plane, the government said. “We prevented these young girls from leaving because their paperwork wasn’t in order, notably they didn’t have contracts signed by the public service ministry,” Population Minister Nadine Ramaroson said. In late January the government put in place a temporary ban on any domestic workers going to work abroad. Since then only a tiny fraction of the requests submitted have been approved by the ministry, which examines them on a case-by-case basis. The ban came in the wake of numerous cases of maids being abused, mostly in Lebanon, where at least 6,000 Madagscan women are in domestic employment, and more recently in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The 20 maids who were supposed to leave yesterday had been recruited by a Sri Lankan agency with a branch in Madagascar. They had signed up to work for two years in Riyadh or Jeddah.

map time!

From the Gulf Times out of Qatar

grammar of patriarchy; “A woman is killed every so and so minutes”

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some sweet thoughts over at shesamarxist last week:

Recently I read a book that pointed out that when people talk about violence against womyn, there is often no subject within the sentence. Think about it:

“A woman was raped today.” or “A woman is killed every so and so minutes.”

How come there isn’t a subject in that sentence? When violence against womyn happens, it apparently happens, like a condition. Someone doesn’t kill. Womyn get killed. Its as if a womyn went out and stepped in a puddle, caught a cold. Rape is something a womyn gets, its not something a man does.

Its never “a man raped a woman today” or “men kill women every so and so minutes”. There’s never a subject or an actor identified. We are made to envision the womyn, and what she was doing. Where was she when she got killed? She was in an alleyway. Why don’t we ask what that dude was doing waiting in an alleyway? Because he’s not identified in the sentence. Our mind goes to her. We put her on trial because she’s the one attached to the crime.

She’sa blogs on this and how the new law in NY against choking results in 2,000 arrests within the first 15 months of the law (i mean screw some police state but the passive voice of it all is flawless).

She’s a marxist : New York Realizes Choking is Bad

Maid Revenge!: Maid chops off employer’s penis

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An Ethiopian maid struck back at her allegedly abusive employer in Dubai, slicing off the Emirati man’s penis in response to harassment.


and back in the US, we turn our memory wheels back to the bobbits…

There is a m*$&&#$%*#$ serial killer in long island killing sex workers

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society protects you if you kill the killable. this is what  makes them killable.

When a sister of Maureen Brainard-Barnes alerted police after she disappeared in 2007, she was told, “Your sister ran away and doesn’t care about anyone.” Maueen’s was one of the four bodies found in the bushes of Long Island’s Ocean Parkway. All four women had been working as prostitutes.

Cases involving prostitution can be among the most difficult to solve. Even when a case does get going—and there are significant obstacles to that happening—they often turn cold. The victims frequently use false names (Costello advertised herself as “Carolina”) and are survived by witnesses who themselves often live on the margins of society. N.G. Berrill, a forensic neuropsychologist who has studied Joel Rifkin—a serial killer who along with Robert Shulman killed more than 20 prostitutes in the same area during the early 1990s—says, “People disappear, and folks don’t know the difference.”

read here

EVENT: Scott Sisters Speak in Brooklyn!

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Malcolm X Grassroots Movement &
National Conference of Black Lawyers

To Host Forum featuring Jamie & Gladys Scott
and Chokwe Lumumba,

with panelists Michael Tarif Warren
Marc Lamont Hill
, and Rukia Lumumba,

moderated by April R. Silver:

April 23 at Restoration Plaza, 1:00pm

WHO: Featured Guests: Jamie and Gladys Scott (aka the Scott Sisters) will be featured guests via teleconference.


Panelists: Chokwe Lumumba (legal counsel to the Scott Sisters); Michael Tarif Warren (lawyer activist), Marc Lamont Hill (activist, author, scholar), and Rukia Lumumba (activist); April R. Silver (activist, writer), moderator.


Organizers: The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the National Conference of Black Lawyers.


WHAT:  Mississippi, Goddam! The Scott Sisters Speak in Brooklyn – a community forum regarding the case of the Scott Sisters (see background note below). Attorney Chokwe Lumumba will give updates about the current state of affairs of this case and will provide information about the campaign for their full release. Jamie and Gladys Scott will be teleconferenced in live to share their experiences as well as their ongoing commitment to help others with similar cases. This forum is free and open to the public.


WHEN: Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 p

WHERE: Restoration Plaza, First Floor –
Multi-Purpose Room

Located at 1368 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11216


 CONTACT:  For more information, contact Lalit Clarkson at 917.468.7348 or info@mxgm.org.freethescottsisters.blogspot.com



In 1993 in Mississippi two young Black women, Jamie and Gladys Scott were each sentenced to double life sentences for an $11 robbery. The trail and conviction of the then 19 and 22 year old women wreaks of the blatant race, gender and class oppression that is rampant throughout the criminal justice system in America. Their defense attorney, who was later disbarred for unrelated incompetency, never called a single witness in the sister’s defense. One of the witnesses who testified against them has since recanted his testimony saying he was threatened by police. Ultimately, two of the three men who indeed committed the robbery served 2 years in prison in exchange for testifying against the Scott sisters. Jamie and Gladys maintain their innocence

While in prison, Jamie and Gladys suffered all of the usually physical and psychological abuses of incarceration. The lack of decent health care and nutrition put Jamie Scott in critical need of a kidney transplant. Support for their release grew over the decade and a half of their incarceration, ultimately leading to a suspension of sentence in January of this year – conditional on Gladys donating a kidney to her ailing sister.

Today, the Scott family and their supports urge the governor of Mississippi for a full pardon. Under the suspended sentence they must pay $52 a month for parole, abide by a strict curfew, and live with the constant fear of a parole violation – which would land them back in prison to serve their double-life sentences. Furthermore, without a full pardon, they still live with the stigma of being convicted felons. As felons, they are unable to get jobs, decent housing, and other critical services.

undocumented student activists arrested, AZ

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colorlines articles on 7 undocumented students who were arrested for demanding access to higher education

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