The Nothing dreams of Malta

23.02.2011 § Leave a comment

So, the nothing is glued again to various live feeds and tweets on Libya. After the two fighter pilots and crews on two very expensive (french made?) figher planes, “Mirages”, flew to Malta rather than fire on the crowds in Tripoli, we are biting our fingernails to see if the military will tip farther…

in the meantime, Vijay Prashad has written a very helpful article (click) on the course of Gaddafi’s dilly in Libya.

Apparently Quaddafi moved roughly from militant islamic state socialist, to anti-american neoliberal reformist in the 80′, then throwing his support to the US after 9/11, generally losing popularity dramatically from his neoliberal period onwards (though it isn’t surprising, it’s mildly interesting that Quaddafi was strongly anti-Reagan, who was president when a US bombing killed Quaddafi’s baby daughter, but pushed vehemently the same reforms Reagan himself did – privatization of public services, and soforth).

Over the first decade of the Qaddafi regime, the state took charge of the oil fields and raised their rents. That money was then diverted toward social welfare, mainly an increase in housing and health care. Over the second decade (1978-1988), the regime constrained private enterprise and encouraged workers to take over control of about two hundred firms…

In 1987, anemic import-substitution policies came to a close and “reforms” in agriculture and industry flooded out of IMF manuals. By September 1988, the government abolished the import and export quotas, allowing retail trade in the new souqs to flourish in the cities.

Also fun, more italy-libya connections:

Berlusconi bowed down before Omar al-Mukhtar’s son in 2008 and handed over $5 billion as an apology for Italian colonialism. In his characteristic bluntness, Berlusconi said that he apologized so that Italy would get “less illegal immigrants and more oil.”

PS. Can some one cult-studies this for us?

Quaddafi 1969

Quaddafi 2010

Quaddafi 1970

Quaddafi 2011


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